Maggy – self milking

Maggy – self milking

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Maggy currently has the largest udders in our herd, she is a true miracle of nature, such big natural dangly veined udders. But there’s more. Maggy actually seems to get horny from being pumped. She literally can’t wait for the farmer to turn on the machine. Caressing herself, oiling and shaking her udders to tempt the farmer for another round on the red cow milker. Maybe it is a relief for her to get milked. Her udders must weigh so much! Watch Maggy milk herself and get really into it!

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  1. Dana

    I LOVE Maggy’s huge natural udders! I am a woman in her 30’s that loves huge natural udders; I also have them. She is the perfect hucow and I hope her milkers get even bigger!

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