Vina – bigger and bigger

Vina – bigger and bigger

Do you remember when Vina first came to us!? Check it out here (click), you will not believe it! Her udders were a modest A-cup! After a year of training and regular sessions, her udder size has been increased to a D-cup! How? Well, tissue stimulation and regular pumping of course! Today, you can download one of those sessions, where little Vina is subjected to the power of the electronic breast training machine. Her udders are enlarged so much by this machine, you have to see it to believe it! Her left boob is doing even better than her right one, but they are both definitely getting huge! We even use infrared and electro stimulation this time. Vina has become very docile and patient during these sessions, she knows that this is good for her in the end!

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  1. Boobguy

    She’s gained some weight since she was first featured which probably contributed significantly to her breast development, I suggest she gains another 20lbs+ to become a true hucow with nice full udders

  2. k0ba

    Vina is fantastic, now is now the turn of her lactation.
    I think the Electronic breast training machine would be perfect for Little caprice

  3. n0ir3

    Hi, love how vina is progressively transformed into a hucow, is she a permanent fixture of your barn by any chance?
    I am wondering if she is a real life submissive or it is simply her personality?

  4. crossroad

    I think you should fatten your hucow especially vina a little bit. Would be really hot to see her boobs and the rest of her body grow! And her milk production will increase for sure! ;)

  5. Nimbo

    Cows in the field eat grass to produce milk, maybe a steady supply of grass fed to our Hucows would have them doing the same!

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