Katie – milking bed

Katie – milking bed

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You have been asking for it: ‘put Katie on the milking bed!’. Alright alright… I was worried the udder opening in the milking bed wasn’t big enough, but fortunately it was (unfortunately for Katie). This milking position looks very relaxed, but it is as exhausting and painful as all the other positions. The vicious goat milker is relentless, and Katie especially hates the goat milker. Believe it or not, she actually prefers the much more powerful red cow milker now, because the cups are a little less harsh on her nipples. We will just keep pumping her, in all positions, with all machines. Because we love Katie, she is our best HuCow!!

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  1. Love Katie on the bed – with her udders she is proving to be perfect for it – hanging udders, stretching. the more powerful, the better… more, more, more

  2. replace bed cloth with clear plastic plexiglass plate. show her nude body pressing on clear plastic plate.

  3. MilkingLover

    Such a splendid specimen…but why, tell me WHY, are there no ankle cuffs, and again, why no hitachi wand forced against her sex? Some strange law in the Netherlands that prevents a cow from having an orgasm?

  4. I wish they were restrained at the ankles as well!

    • I do as well. Livestock should always be restrained as much as possible to quell that rebellious feeling that they all possess. Perhaps Katie doesn’t struggle anymore but I doubt she’s completely accepted her new role in life.

  5. I was a little late to this one but oh man… this is the best update yet!! Love to see Katie’s huge boobs hanging down. Need to turn the power up! ;) Great update, excited for tomorrow

  6. Hope to see scenes before they are cuffed to the bed…..stripping and then cuffing….

  7. Congratulations.Great show for Katie!

  8. Definitely agree with X, on the stripping, and cuffing. However every cow needs an inspection every now and then. Maybe that can be done in the beginning of the video or a separate video. And I agree with most people that more if not all hucows must be sexually stimulated while being milked. ( fill those holes)! Will also love to see more humiliation towards the hucows. Make them moo, beg, or make them do or say degrating things while they are milked. It will make the videos more interesting and make them feel more like a cow. Even a little force milking and resentment will be fun to see.

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