Penny Lee – pumped in the basement

Penny Lee – pumped in the basement

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For a HuCow, Penny Lee’s udder size is quite respectable. But bigger is better so even Penny Lee needs regular breast pumping to get make her udders more supple and prepare the tissue for growth. In the farm’s basement, the farmer has Penny cuffed to a chair. She is a bit scared since it’s very dark, damp, and hot in the basement. There are two huge udder cups on the floor with manual pumps. Soon the farmer starts his work, slowly pumping Penny Lee’s udders, increasing them in volume. It’s not a comfortable procedure, and the farmer just keeps going. When Penny’s udders almost fill the entire cups, she starts to protest. A huge ballgag is added to help her get through the final few pumps. Not an easy process, but it’s necessary. Penny will be a prize HuCow some day!

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  1. boobguy

    I’d love a way to buy individual videos without a membership, any plans for that?

  2. robaloo

    pump them udders up!!!!! now that is what i love to see – hucows getting pumped, pumped, pumped!!!!
    such a beautiful sight!!! can look at that scene 24/7…love the results!!!!!!!

    • robaloo

      get more hucows down there and pumping their udders……soon the basement will not be all that is hot and damp

  3. VegaTron

    The hucows should make more “mooing” noises during the milking sessions. If they do not they should be forced and remembered.

  4. Hucow1881

    Put that cow on all 4! Know your place! Turn that shit up till its utters are blue.

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