Cory milked on the Sybian

Cory milked on the Sybian

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How can we wipe this smile of Cory’s face!? She always seems to be grinning, like she is taunting us to come up with something more extreme. She is our most rebellious HuCow: Cory even got her nipples pierced so we would stop milking her. We didn’t stop of course, piercings are not ideal, but we can still use all of our machines on her. Maybe we can train her a bit more by associating sexual pleasure with milking? That way her brain will change eventually and she will stop resisting because she will associate milking with pleasure. The Sybian seems like a perfect tool to train our big titted Cory. She needs to accept her role: she is a HuCow now and she will always be. Her udders are perfect, but her attitude needs a little adjustment.

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  1. Nice to see coy Cory again. Her udders are fantastic!!! She may need time on the fucking machine to get her mind clear and back to mindlessly being the hucow she must become.

  2. Cory´s lips are just magnificent! I think she needs a big ring in her septum if she is unruly. And if the cow is obstipated, she will need a big enema to get it fixed. She can get it while beeing on the red cow.milker.

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