Ulysse – still resisting

Ulysse – still resisting

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Our feisty French HuCow Ulysse is still not very well trained. She says ‘no’ when you touch her udders. And milking is still very painful for her. The only way to solve this is to give her more sessions. More milking, regular milking, hard milking. The red cow milker is the strongest machine, so we try if that will speed up her training. Ulysse is suffering, she needs full restraints to keep her in the milking frame, otherwise she would run off. It is not easy to transition to human livestock, but we are confident we can get all HuCows to eventually get used to their milking sessions, docile and without (many) restraints. With Ulysse however, this is going to take a long time. Maybe we should add a little stimulation to her sessions?

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  1. Her udders look great … I think she needs some outside influence – like the fucking machine.

  2. Pretty girl,great to see her back.

  3. You know my vote- stimulation to the max…definitely. Fucking machine and the vibrator on the clit. she will calm down nicely

  4. Can you please tell me more about the perfect Human Lifestock mindset traits that you would like to see in all your hucows? I would love to have those traits myself.

  5. She definitly needs some more stimulation to help her be more docile :)

  6. I actually like it when they fight. Hope she never loses her spirit. :)

  7. she need a fucking machine…..

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