Little Lanta – captured gymnast

Little Lanta – captured gymnast

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Little Lanta is a cute young gymnast and contortionist. She is super flexible and she has to practice her skills every day. But when she was stretching and bending, our eyes were fixed on her wonderful round udders poking out of her gymast outfit. Lanta is hot! We decided to capture her and add her to the herd, because we don’t have a gymnast HuCow yet! Imagine the possibilities! We can milk her in any position we can think of! And we did exactly that, bending her over a milking frame and using the goat milker to pump her cute udders. Then we put her into a split position to milk her even more! Little Lanta didn’t even know what happened to her, she was shocked. Don’t worry, she will get used to her new life :) If you have any other suggestions for creative milking positions with our gymnast HuCow, comment below!

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  1. oh my what a cute new cow now we just need a gag hehe.

  2. Please attach her to the breast trainer regularly. Her udders are well formed but MUCH too small for a real hucow.

    She has to be trained hard to get udders at least 3 times her current size.

  3. How about, milked upside down, suspended by her feet ?

  4. wow!!!! a gymnast hucow!!!!! with udders!!!! think of the possibilities!!!!!

  5. Would love to see her bound and milked with her feet behind her head and a vibe on her cunt

  6. CowGirlBev

    Arguably one of the best videos in the last calendar year or so–next time, there should be a penetration or Magic Wand to help her enjoy her sessions. I also agree a ball or ring gag is appropriate, but that’s for all cows, all the time.


    Put her on the breast training machine. Also looking at her, she seems real fussy and reluctant. In order to tame her (also pleasure her) keep a vibrating magic wand between her legs! Pretty sure that will make her a obedient hucow!😅

  8. NICE!! Little Lanta looks superb in this setup and some nice shapely beautiful breasts. However, Lanta does have some small nipples which need to be enlarged. Please bring her back and continue to milk her and strongly suggest that three times a day should be sufficient to enlarge her nipples along with continuous and regular milking sessions should be sufficient to make Lanta into a regular performing hucow. As an incentive I strongly recommend that she be allowed at least one session while restrained to the sybian to entice her sexual pleasure sensors into regular milk production. NICE!! ~S

  9. H Anderzon

    Very nice girl, maybe she is the right size for the milkingstand.

    A big thank to the women for participating in making a better world, where you can watch what you like to watch

    thanks from “anderzoncontrol”

  10. Sub Chelle

    I want to come to come to the farm and be a hucow! Do you accept Americans?

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