Arienh on the milking bed

Arienh on the milking bed

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Arienh choose the HuCow lifestyle by getting that permanent septum piercing. It’s hard for people to view her now as something other than just livestock. It’s a perfect attachment point for leading her around, and locking her in position for a milking session. We are not sure if she regrets getting that piercing, but there is nothing she can do about it, it can’t be removed unless she goes to a piercing shop and we are keeping her on the farm for now. Time for the milking bed, it has been a while! The goat milker needs to do its job: extending those nipples to make a good HuCow out of Arienh. A bit of vibrating to make her more docile, it’s all part of the training! Let’s do it!

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  1. Arienh looks so content on the milking bed – a natural hucow. love the piercing!!! stretch those nipples!!!!!

  2. I am wanting to be a hucow I would like to experience the hucow life to be kept naked at all times I am wanting to be hooked up to a milking machine I would want to know the process to becoming a hucow

  3. WOW!! Arienh is so lovely and really do love the functionality and look of the septum piercing. NICE!! Arienh’s nipples are so gorgeous as well and absolutely LOVE the nipple suction work on her beautiful nipples. Would like to see some more nipple torment and would like to suggest the use of some other devices to heighten the sensitivity as well as the perkiness of female nipples. How about incorporating the use of green elastic castration bands stretched with a special tool and placing these rubber bands on a model’s nipples and then placing the clear plastic suction tubes on those nipples for some added sensitivity training. thanks

  4. Can’t Arienh still reach the bet corner with her nose?

  5. NICE!! Always a pleasure to see the gorgeous and beautiful Arienh on this site and especially locked into a chastity belt with the suction device. Please bring her back for some more shoots. Also, would love to see Arienh get her NIPPLES PIERCED with some matching studs to her navel piercing. Arienh is absolutely fantastically lovely and is so sexy and feminine with a chastity belt and bra locked onto her body.

    P.S. Webmaster, would like to see the gorgeous DAVON KIM make a guest surprise appearance on HUCOWS. Davon Kim, or Danica Flores, is a wonderfully gorgeous and beautiful lady and would fit right in with HUCOWS.

  6. FANTASTIC!! Arienh is wonderfully gorgeous and such a wonderful looking and appeasing model. Love this shoot and her helplessness secured to the milking table and really love the extension and elongation of her perky erect nipples. Please bring back Arienh for a more extended and intensive milking session. Love her septum piercing!!!

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