Arienh – mouth spreader

Arienh – mouth spreader

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The lovely Arienh is doing well in her training. Because of her permanent septum piercing, she can easily be controlled. A small leash is enough to lead her around or park her anywhere we want. Today, Arienh is going to have a milking session on the red cow milker at high power. We leash her nose ring to the milking frame, she is submissive enough to stay there when we tell her to. Arienh’s little moans tell us that the high powered machine hurts her a little bit more than she expected. To humiliate her even more we use a new tool: a mouth spreader. This will cause drooling and it is an effective gag. We would love to hear what you think about this session, please comment below!

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  1. All that pumping and drooling must take a lot of liquid out of her. Perhaps we need to let her have the calf bucket to drink from?

  2. i love it. New ways to control a pet. By the nose is so hot, just like real cattle.

  3. so lovely! awsome

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