Arienh – the treatment

Arienh – the treatment

Some of you only want HuCows with big udders. But big udders alone don’t make a good HuCow. There’s docile behavior, complete brainwash, sexual association with milking, and especially: good nipples! Arienh has all that and more, she is a complete submissive, does not talk, and she has a permanent nose ring installed so she can be easily chained to milking stations. Still, we can work on her udder size of course. A treatment in our clinic is sure to double the size (for a while, and more permanently if repeated often enough). It is just not a very comfortable procedure. But Arienh will never complain. She has accepted her transformation.

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  1. this is THE PERFECT setup. Arieh is great for this.. the only thing that appears to be missing is a vibe on her clit

  2. Arienh is well secured to the bed for her training. Arienh’s udders do double in size within the suction cups during this training. Arienh’s udders can grow like Vina’s if she is willing to have many more sessions like this one.

  3. nice pussy! I´d fill her with sperm!

  4. YES! Fantastic!! Welcome back Arienh after such a long absence. NICE!!! Love to see the wonderfully gorgeous and beautiful Arienh restrained and trained in such a compromising position. Arienh is such a docile submissive. I secind the request for a vibrator on her clit. Would also like to request that Arienh’s perfect NIPPLES become enlarged as well and PERMANENT GOLDEN NIPPLE RINGS INSTALLED to match her Golden Septum Ring. Arienh is fan-freakin-fuckin-tastic!!!! It be wekid. :-D

  5. Fantastic. Arienh is absolutely gorgeous and such a willing submissive. NICE! LOVE ARIENH!
    Such a wonderfully beautiful and sexy submissive and got to LOVE the golden septum piercing. Would absolutely LOVE to see the lovely Arienh with GOLDEN NIPPLE PIERCINGS PERMANENTLY PIERCING HER PERFECT NIPPLES. 😍 Arienh is perfect and one of the best submissive on this site. NICE !!! Please bring Arienh back for some more play with either a vibrator or a Sybian for some orgasmic training.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Arienh is an amazingly gorgeous and beautifully submissive. Such a wonderful shoot wiyh Arienh restrained in such a manner and getting her breasts and NIPPLES enlarged. I suggest the primary focus should be on her PERFECT NIPPLES getting enlarged for a future PIERCING SESSION. Yes!! Arienh should get her PERFECT PERKY NIPPLES PIERCED WITH PERMANENT MATCHING GOLDEN NIPPLE RINGS LIKE HER SEPTUM. Fantastic! Arienh is a lovely submissive with a beautiful look and would love to see her further restrained on the sybian to give her some much needed orgasmic pleasure. :-D >:)

  7. WOW! Arienh is great as a submissive and LOVE the septum piercing. Would also like to second, third or fourth the request for the lovely Arienh to have her perfect perky NIPPLES PIERCED WITH MATCHING GOLD NIPPLE RINGS! Nice! Please webmaster bring back the gorgeous Arienh to play on the hucows machine once more and allow her to orgasm and cum on the sybians. Thanks!!

  8. Arienh is so wonderfully gorgeous. Please bring her back it has been over a year. It would be even more than great if she had PIERCED HER NIPPLES. Would love to see Arienh back on this site for some more action. NICE!

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