Reena – captured

Reena – captured

Reena is a young girl from India, who fell asleep watching tv. She should not have done that… it made it very easy for us to capture her and take her to the barn! Reena wakes up to her worst nightmare: she is a collared slave now, a HuCow. Her dark perky nipples will be hooked to machines daily and she will be trained in bondage and obedience. She panics a little, but her wrists are secured to a sturdy wooden bar. The farmer comes in and nipples clamps her with clover clamps to prepare her for milking. He turns on the electronic breast training machine with the small goat milker cups. Reena winces in horror. This is her new life, she knows it, but she can barely accept it at the moment. It is painful and she is ashamed. Will she ever get used to this?

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  1. Welcome Reena. Her breasts appear to be perfect to grow into nice large udders. And her nipples…wow!!! Let the transformation begin!

  2. The electronic breast training machine worked to increase the size of Reena’s nipples. Nice to have a HuCow from another country.

  3. She is beautiful! Can’t wait to see her with a vibrator shoved onto her little cow cunt <3

  4. Hmmmm, those hips, beautiful!

  5. You need to get the busty Beth Lily to become a hucow for you guys. Her tits are so full and milky already and perfect for the fucking machine

  6. Do more of Reena

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