Nina brings Nelly back to the barn!

Nina brings Nelly back to the barn!

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Remember one of our initial HuCows, Nelly? She was here around 5 years ago! We lost track of her, until we received an email from her friend Nina, who had seen Nelly on this website. She said Nelly needed to return!! And we agreed of course. Nina brought Nelly back to us, and we are very happy to see those incredible natural udders again! The submissive but reluctant Nelly was very scared, as her previous experiences had been hard on her. This is why we let Nina be the farmer in this session. On one condition: we wanted Nina to go topless. This way we could secretly inspect Nina’s udders as well. Because Nina wants to be a farmer more often on this website, but we are definitely thinking about adding her to the herd. What do you think?

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  1. It is so nice to see NELLY back! It has been a while since members saw her secured to the metal milking frame with wheels and the red cow milker pumping her natural udders. THANK YOU TO NINA for bringing NELLY back to the barn. Yes it would be great to have an Update where NINA is secured to the metal milking frame in the barn and the red cow milker used to pump her beautiful firm udders.

  2. I think it may be nice to have Nina as our farmer for our pretty cows. She could use a strap on with them or vibe their clits while they’re milked or spank them or tickle them! She’d make a great farmer. Every website benefits from a hot assistant imo!

    • I agree. It would have been nice to have a nina as our farmer instead in the herd
      She do a good job for a starter and she can be a good role model for other girl’s who would like to be farmers and take care for our lovely HuCows

  3. Nelly AND Nina should both be kept in the barn at all costs…Nina’s udders are too beautiful to be left running free, unattended

  4. Hi

    Please do Nina with the RedCowmilker, i would subscribe for her again :)

    • I would love to see Nina on the red cow milker and Nelly right beside her getting milked to.

  5. Nina should be trained as well… being new, she should experience the equipment first hand…after all she has fine udders herself. She has entered a world she is perfect for.

  6. How about an Update where NELLY and NINA are kneeling side by side in the barn and their udders are milked using the double goat milker like Dolly and Penny Lee in HU297.

    • agreed..Nina should be kept IN the barn at all costs, no matter what it takes

  7. Nina is an amazing farmer. I like the way she holds her chin up.
    Her scene with Nelly is the hottest thing on the whole website.
    There is NO WAY anyone should think about milking her!
    I want to see her milking everyone in the stable,
    with her amazing tits out to taunt the cows.

  8. It’s nice to see nelly back in the barn. She is really lovely. Have you ever thought about taking her on the sybian?

  9. You should tell Nina that if she truly wants to become a good farmer, she needs to learn what the cows go through first-hand. Just to gain some expertise, you know. Of course, should you decide that she is a slow learner, you might have to unilaterally lengthen her apprenticeship…

    (This is assuming that she truly wants to become a farmer. Frankly, I’m not convinced that she entered the lion’s den so naively.)

  10. Dear Master of Hucows

    Did you considered to buy a 3D camera?

    I think this is the type of contet that would be amazing in 3D.

  11. Teat Clampper & Sucker :)

    Both of these juicy sluts need to be wearing nursing bra (with inner A frames) as they are bound, gagged, teat clampped, & milked. It is part of being a human-cow :)

  12. love Nina’s knowing, Mistress-like, pimpish look…admiring what she has done

  13. If Nina was gagged handcuffed and milked I would subscribe right away! 😍

  14. crispy chicken

    hey hucow farm, why are there only hucows, not hubulls? you need a stud to breed your hucows!

  15. Aneta keys is super model, please invite again

  16. Both of these beautiful cows need those udders drained daily! I would love to mutually milk with Nina! Her udders are so pretty! I could get lost in her eyes as she hand milked me 🥰

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