Nina – new milking bed

Nina – new milking bed

We built a new milking bed! It is very awesome, because it has a number of improvements. It is more comfortable for the HuCow, and because of its shape, she won’t be able to lift herself up, which means she can’t pull her udders out of the milking hole. It is also very high, so it’s easy to film underneath and the farmer has a lot of room for equipment. Scary to be this high up with your udders hanging down? We decided to get the expert opinion of Nina. She still thinks she is a farmer at our facilities, because she managed to bring back our stray Nelly. But if you look closely, you can see a collar locked onto Nina’s neck. That can only mean one thing: take off those pants and get on the new milking bed, Nina! It’s your time to get pumped!

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  1. Nice! Nina has such lovely perky, prominent and stiffened nipples. Love this scene and the video shoot is great. Would love to see more fetish models endure this type of setup. Nice! Thanks. P.S. Would like to request that some Asian and/or Oriental models be recruited for this site. Asian and/or Oriental models tend to have very perky, erect, hardened, stiffened and elongated nipples and would be great to see such models on this site. Thanks!

  2. Nice update for NINA as she really struggled to endure the pain of the electronic breast training machine pumping her udders to enlarge the size of her nipples. Would like to see an Update where NINA is secured to the padded metal milking frame like young Ariel in HU265 with the red cow milker pumping her firm udders and the fucking machine used for genital stimulation.

  3. love the new bed!!!!! looks very comfy cozy… also you are right about Nina – she IS a hucow – the collar is the least of things that confirms it…her udders… OH MY!!!!!

  4. This is a great new bed! Please bring Katie, katarina, or Christina carter back and have them try it!!

  5. Honestly would prefer her as a farmer

  6. Cuffslover

    I subscribed for this only 😅 Please more Nina as hucow!!

  7. HopefulHucow22

    Looks comfy, I’d love to be strapped in!

  8. Finally! Another cute & juicy slut to play with!
    Would love to see this scene with Nina’s naught nipples, only this time add some teat clamps & have her wear a Nursing Bra (the ones with the inner ‘A’ frame) so her teats are exposed while the udders are held in place.
    Thanks in advance!
    P.S. love this new milking bed- cheers to who ever created this!

  9. Anxious to connect for training

  10. Veronica Magnusson

    Sweden here,i wanne try this Dalsland Sweden

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