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    Hello Community! Let us have some discussions about new ideas in this forum to find-out what we want to see in future.
    Would you also like to see sexy farm girls milking the HuCows? This type of updates would have a bit more “action”. Just imagine how e.g. the update “Ariel – red cow milker and fucking machine” would have looked like: First we see Ariel chained in the corner. The Farm girl would move the milking frame in. Then she would take Ariel. We would see Ariel climbing on the frame and the farm girl would lock Ariel to the frame. Then she would prepare and run the fucking machine and finally, we would see how she puts the milking cups on Ariel’s tits.
    In general, this is not a completely new idea, if you look at Izzy milked by Sam. However, this time the dominant part is not done by another HuCow but a farmer. The Photographer/Cameraman can concentrate on filming instead of also playing the farmer.
    As a first attempt, I think of three outfits for the farm-girls:
    Sexy milk maid, cow girl (Cow boy boots, Jeans as hot pens, Canadian tartan shirt but with a knot and naked belly (no bra), and a straw hat), or “greeny” (bare feed, no bra just wearing flap trousers)
    The farm girls might be played by non-nude models.
    What do you think? Would you like to see this in new updates?

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    Yessss! Absolutely! I’ve always wished to see more of a “scene” in all of FoToRo’s material. Maybe I’m weird, but my favorite part of bondage is watching the sub/cow/patient/etc. BEING RESTRAINED! It’s an essential part of BDSM play IMO, and it’s frustrating as hell that most sites skip that part (except maybe shibari, lol) but if people don’t like that part just skip forward.

    The cowgirl costume sounds hot! although i’m not that into the “cow” roleplay personally. (I can dream up a lot of reasons to grow and milk women’s tits, lol) I’d add the idea of nurses in scrubs for the medical looking scenes, and coveralls can also be pretty hot, and what I imagine a lot of young farming women might wear nowadays. Just gonna tack this on here instead of making a new thread, would be cool to see some of the cows taken for a visit to the vet. Muzzled and restrained on all fours, and examined thoroughly with one of those shoulder length rubber gloves, and plenty of lube.👌

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    Fully agree – farm girls dressed sexy milking the hucow (and stimulating her) sounds very good.

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