Nina Nightbloom added to the herd

The farmer is always looking for new additions to the herd. Young Nina Nightbloom is a prime example of perfect genes and curiosity, but of course she has no experience at all. After some convincing, Nina agreed to come to the farm to get her first training session. She is so cute, Nina wore her cow print dress for the occasion! On first inspection in the holding cell, the farmer discovered VERY large soft natural udders on Nina, although they could be a bit fuller. No problem, it’s just a matter of releasing the right hormones through numerous pumping sessions (and maybe later some sexual stimulation when she gets receptive). Nina was quickly installed on the milking bed, you can see how incredibly nervous she was when the farmer started oiling her amazing udders. A nice and strong first pumping session (which tripled her nipple size) already got her in HuCow subspace, and she is definitely ready for a full transformation. Nina Nightbloom will require many sessions, but wow does this new addition have potential! Most promising udders we have seen in a very long time!

Katarina – bolero pumping

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Katarina is a prime HuCow with her big natural udders. The farmer loves her too, because Katarina is not just a perfect HuCow physically, but also mentally. She gets visibly horny from any udder and nipple interaction, even though she hates to show it to the farmer as he will use this against her. Katarina is a bit playful but also unruly at times. She can be seen swinging her huge udders, ringing her big cow bell, even playing with her nipple clamps. But when the farmer uses any milking machine, it seems Katarina wants to always pull off the cups, afraid she will get visibly horny. This bolero style straitjackets leaves the udders exposed and stops HuCows from interfering with the machinery. Katarina even tries to swith off the pump with her feet, but the farmer is too fast for her. There’s nothing she can do against this pumping arousal, Katarina is literally dripping at the end!!

Emily Addams – pet HuCow on the milking bed

The farmer is really happy with Emily Addams’ progress. She is so well trained! Emily has been fitted with a fox tail butt plug, and she is so cute, following the farmer around as he leads her into the milking room on a leash. She starts clawing at the farmer’s pants, indicating she wants oral training. What a good girl! Emily has really good oral skills, but she can always use more training of course.
After the farmer has had enough of her eager blowjob, he cuffs her to the milking bed for some good milking. Oil on those tied udders, which are developing nicely, and the electronic breast training machine on full power. It’s very uncomfortable for Emily’s young udders, but she knows she has to go through all of the sessions without complaining if she wants to be a good pet HuCow!

The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

Denise – milked on the Sybian

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Young resident HuCow Denise is still wide eyed and frightened. The problem with her ultra sensitive nipples still persists and it might never change. After the farmer pre-clamps her nipples, Denise secretly stalks around the barn with her hands cuffed behind her back. She seems very interested in the Sybian and sits down on it, pressing her clit hard onto the machine. This young HuCow is actually very clever! She knows how painful her session is going to be, and the Sybian will help her get through it. When the farmer returns to see Denise on the Sybian, he is secretly quite proud. What a well-trained HuCow Denise is! She receives her milking session while getting vibrated. It’s still very hard, and Denise still ends up with very sore nipples (and a sore clit!). Unfortunately for her, the farmer clamps her again after milking, which is extremely painful now. Denise suffers beautifully… she knows this is her life now.

Vanessa Hillz – self pumping office worker captured

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Vanessa Hillz has been trying to pump herself with this handsfree double breast pump for a few days now, but no milk has yet appeared. The young mother is worried that her milk hasn’t come in yet, but maybe she is using the wrong machine? All it does is make her nipples ultra sensitive. Unfortunately, she still has to work at the office, so things are getting very complicated for her. Even more so when she finds herself captured by the farmer, who drags her off to the barn, where she gets cuffed, collared, and gagged. The farmer turns the pump up way higher than Vanessa ever has, hurting her nipples a lot. Still no milk comes out, but the farmer is not worried. She will start producing soon, this farm has bigger and better machines! A pair of tight clover clamps at the end of the session should make it clear to her: she is now a HuCow, and this is her new life. Welcome to the herd, Vanessa!