Denise – milked on the Sybian

Denise – milked on the Sybian

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Young resident HuCow Denise is still wide eyed and frightened. The problem with her ultra sensitive nipples still persists and it might never change. After the farmer pre-clamps her nipples, Denise secretly stalks around the barn with her hands cuffed behind her back. She seems very interested in the Sybian and sits down on it, pressing her clit hard onto the machine. This young HuCow is actually very clever! She knows how painful her session is going to be, and the Sybian will help her get through it. When the farmer returns to see Denise on the Sybian, he is secretly quite proud. What a well-trained HuCow Denise is! She receives her milking session while getting vibrated. It’s still very hard, and Denise still ends up with very sore nipples (and a sore clit!). Unfortunately for her, the farmer clamps her again after milking, which is extremely painful now. Denise suffers beautifully… she knows this is her life now.

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  1. Love the use of the SYBIAN to help Denise endure the pain of the GOAT MILKER pumping her big natural udders . An added plus was no ball gag was used during the session so members could hear how much Denise enjoyed the ride .

  2. Denise is just perfect in every way, love everything about this update! Really nice to see this without a gag too, makes a nice change here!

    I wish more than anything Denise was available for the ‘Be A Farmer’ experience, that would just be incredible.

  3. Love Denise here as always, good combination of milking and pleasure, and great to see no gag throughout this time it makes a really nice change!

    Denise does amazingly well here, hope for more like this in the future!

  4. Peak farmer

    I love to see Denise cuffed and milked have you got some new cuffs.

  5. Great video – love to see Denise getting stimulated. She probably needs to remain gagged at all times while being processed, and I’d love to see her getting bred and inseminated while restrained on the breeding frame. Nora could also use the same treatment!

  6. Can I become a bull and breed this hucow?

  7. А вообще насколько реально доить женщин как коров в реальной жизни? Возможно ли , что есть женщины, желающие стать дойными?

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