Denise – nipple expansion on the Sybian

Denise – nipple expansion on the Sybian

Denise, one of our resident HuCows, is maybe the cutest 19-year old submissive in the world! Her natural big udders are perfect already, but she could use some bigger nipples. Again, the farmer will put powerful vacuum suction on her nipples to expand them 3 or 4 times. It’s quite hard for poor Denise, so she is placed on a Sybian to distract her. This also helps to get her hormones flowing which will improve udder and nipple development. Unable to lift herself up, Denise is gagged and in for the ride! Pumped and vibrated, as a good HuCow should be, in one of her many sessions at the farm. Denise always gets exhausted, but it’s for a good cause!

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  1. Yes, love Denise she is so cute and submissive. I think its time to breed her so we can get some milk flowing.

  2. DENISE , the cute nineteen year old HuCow with big natural udders looked like she was enjoying her ride on the Sybian before the cups of the breast training machine were placed over her nipples . The ride on the Sybian helped Denise to endure the powerful vacuum suction of the breast training machine which worked well to enlarge her nipples . POLITE QUESTION – Will we see an Update with young ARIEL in the near future ?

  3. I think they should put sybian with goat millker it could be that milk comes out!

  4. hello how to have personalized milking sessions?

  5. You should start breeding her

  6. How long do you keep them orgasming while being milked and trained?

  7. Awesome post! This hucow has come a long way since it’s first session, the udders have become so nice an hefty. Hope we see some more of thiccy Niccy soon, figures crossed she gets fucked by another cute cow with that strap-on while milked in the stocks.

    also an question; would it be possible to use a flogger on a Hucows udders before a milking session, or would it make them too sore? Given how some hucows have been aroused by pain an bondage it could help.

  8. Loving her nipples and breasts

  9. Big black BULL

    She is absolutely gorgeous and amazing she needs to use some of my breeding services so hopefully milk production will start. I absolutely love the little diamond you have for your belly button piercing it’s beautiful 😍

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