Elizabeth – first time

Elizabeth – first time

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Cute alternative girl Elizabeth wrote a letter to the farm. She wanted to try the machines. What a curious young sub! Once she was in the barn, kneeling in handcuffs, she began to realize her fantasies would become reality very soon. The farmer inspected her gorgeous soft natural udders, and then he suddenly clover clamped her nipples! Elizabeth has very sensitive nipples, so that was very painful! But that was nothing compared to what was to come: a nice long session on the goat milker at full power. Elizabeth’s poor nipples were relentlessly milked, she moaned and wriggled on the milking frame. The farmer had to eventually gag her with a bit gag to keep her calm. This was a super hard challenge for sensitive nipples, but Elizabeth made it through her first session. The farmer liked her very much, but your comments are more valuable: is Elizabeth a keeper?

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  1. I believe so yes

  2. QUESTIONS – (1) Is Elizabeth a Suicide Girl with heavy dark eye liner , three nose rings in her left nostril , a tattoo between her udders and tattoo art all over her left leg ? (2) What was Elizabeth thinking when it took ten seconds for the vacuum motor of the goat milker to kick in ; before her farmer placed its cups over her nipples ? Elizabeth endured the pain of her first session which did enlarge her sensitive nipples and I hope she becomes the latest HuCow to join the HERD .

  3. I’d like that

    She looks fit for a nice pussy pump and nipple cups, I think this would probably be the best update with her in the future.

  4. ❤️💋🌈✝️🙏🏼😇🌜🌌☺️🥰📻🎛🎙😀Admin,
    When can they go home/ leave? Do y’all use Safewords? Having a bit of a motherly moment and praying everyone is happy and ok. Happy Holidays. Treat these Goddesses with the Respect They Deserve. God Bless Everyone. Merry Christmas! ❤️🌌✝️🌈💋🎉

  5. A great addition to the farm. I hope she becomes a regular as those nipples are made to be on a milking machine. Good cow Elizabeth.

  6. Nice submissive hucow!

  7. i want to try as well… i wish it were me to be milked as a proper cow should be

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