Cindy Dollar – Mooters girl captured

Cindy Dollar – Mooters girl captured

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Waitress Cindy is on her break, she has worked hard all afternoon and she is very tired. Unfortunately, her Mooters restaurant is very close to the farm, and the sleeping Cindy is spotted by the farmer who captures her and takes her to his barn. Mooters is the perfect spot for the farmer to find new HuCows! The farmer bends Cindy over and straps her to the milking stand. This perfect frame is built especially for this farm, and it is comfortable and secure. After oiling Cindy’s nipples, the farmer starts the goat milker at full power for a nice long milking session. Cindy’s nipples are doubled in size! After the session, it is of course time for the clover clamps on her ultra sensitive nipples. Poor Mooters girl!

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  1. What male farmer after seeing Cindy Dollar in her ” HOOTERS ” tee shirt and orange shorts would not think about capturing her so he could milk her big udders ? The GOAT MILKER at full power produced the desired results by doubling the size of Cindy’s nipples . A great session in the milking barn .

  2. An orange ballgag stuffed into her cute suck-hole would have been a nice touch. ahhhhh.

  3. Nice! Cindy Dollar looks fantastic and love her nipples. Absolutely love the cupping session with the suction on Cindy Dollar’s perfectly erect and perky nipples. Would recommend plenty of follow up sessions for Cindy’s gorgeous nipples and including a sybian love machine and a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched and applied to her lovely nipples. Nice!

  4. We at ” anderzoncontrol” are so happy , you still have use for the milking stand, it is perfect for small women that tries to get away from her chores at the barn.

    We l OO k forward to even more use of this secure milking stand and use all of the possibilities and features it has

  5. shame for her first time after being captured you shouldnt have been so nice. her body positioned perfectly to be bred so her udders can swell and really be useful on the milker

  6. Perfect scene, Perfect model, Cindy and other women her small size, fits perfectly on the milking stand.

    We hope for the next time that the milking stand will be horizontal and carry the woman in a hogtie position with her legs up and hands and feet tied together.

    We can see that the milking stand has a new and more stable base to stand on, so you can take the weight of her feet and she can relax ” floating in her hogtie position.

    Thanks for the very important work you do and thank you to you model for the important work they so and merry christmass and we l OO k forward to an other interesting year in 2024

    Regards and greeting from Henrik at ” anderzoncontrol”

  7. Cindy Dollar is the cream of the crop. Would love to see her on the cross for some harsh punishment while fully restrained.

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