Cindy Dollar – flying HuCow

Cindy Dollar – flying HuCow

The farmer is always trying to come up with new milking positions, but this time he really is taking it to another level! He hangs Cindy Dollar from the ceiling in the barn, hands cuffed and gagged, leaving her udders dangling freely for a nice milking session on the electronic breast training machine. A flying HuCow! Cindy is completely helpless, and the farmer can easily rotate her around for perfect access to very part of her. It’s a very exhausting position, when combined with high speed milking. When Cindy finally lands again, the farmer still has no mercy on her gorgeous udders as he clamps them and even hangs a padlock on the clover clamps chain. Cindy is so awesome! Don’t miss this unique update!

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  1. Cindy is one of the best! Always beautiful! Always daring! The flying suspension is amazing and exciting to watch. I hope there will be more of both Cindy and flying.

  2. Love this new position where Cindy is suspended from the barn’s ceiling and her farmer is able to milk her beautiful dangling udders with the electronic breast training machine. This would be a wonderful position for milking two HuCows with the goat or red cow milker pumping their udders.

  3. I’ve heard of Pigs flying but flying Cows?
    Got to say this look wonderful and wicked all at the same time, if you did this to Katie would you have to hang counter weights on her ankles to level her up!
    Now i have just had an evil thought of hanging them by their ankles as you milk them, with her udders hanging down!

  4. Dam that’s hot wish they could milk a guy like that sure be interested I’d be glad to be the 1st guy an a woman gaging me with a ballgag and hooking it up to me tied up

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