Nelly – cuffed udders

Nelly – cuffed udders

Nelly is back and her udders have grown! They are big enough now to be locked in cuffs. Tight udder bondage helps to get forward pressure which can help to push milk out. Let’s see if it will work with Nelly this time. She gets bit gagged, handcuffed, and locked to a low milking frame. Nelly is then milked at high speed with the electronic breast training machine, until a drop of milk appears from her left udder. Success!! Nelly is definitely moving up in the ranks, with her increased udder size and induced lactation!

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  1. oooooo Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmm i love cuffed udders – the better to pump

  2. Nelly looked a little uncertain at first but such a clever cow in the end that her udders and teats were able to show exactly what they were made for.

    She must be inwardly very pleased with herself.

    A very good cow today Nelly!

  3. Glad members got to see Nelly’s farmer bit gagging her and handcuffing her hands behind her back before he placed the cups of the electronic breast training machine over her nipples . Wonderful to see a drop of milk come from Nelly’s left nipple at the end of this session . Hope to see more Updates with this beautiful HuCow in the near future .

  4. When are we getting more Jazmine James.

  5. Where can you purchase the udder cuffs?

  6. Love Nelly in this update, great to see her back here!

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