Arabella – treadmill

Arabella – treadmill

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Arabella is one of our top HuCows! She is very reluctant to udder touching, but she is still learning. Arabella is almost always fitted with tight locking metal udder bands, because the farmer likes her to have constant forward pressure. This time, he even added little bells to the udder bands, and a large bell to her collar. It’s time for her treadmill training! We have to keep our HuCows in good shape. All these bells will make a nice sound when the treadmill is brought up to high speed running pace. Of course, Arabella is milked with the powerful goat milker during her run, doubling her nipples in size as her udders wildly swing around. We love treadmill sessions, how about you? Please comment below.

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  1. Like the addition of bells to Arabella’s metal udder bands so they ring while she gets her walking exercise on the treadmill . The goat milker’s pumping worked well enlarging Arabella’s nipples to double their current size on her banded udders .

  2. nothing like a good workout!

  3. hydrocarbon

    Arabella is top tier, but why can’t we ever see her udders hang naturally??

  4. You have to put adoll in anal while she runing

  5. The treadmill video is the most fun. If you make a lot of videos

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