Jasmine James revisits the frame

Jasmine James revisits the frame

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Life has gone full circle for Jasmine James, one of our first HuCows. Nine years ago she featured in one of our first updates, which was very well received at the time. Click here to see the update! Now, Jasmine James is a part of our herd again, and she finds herself back in the same position with the same goat milker as so many years ago. She still looks great and she still has ultra sensitive nipples which make this long and hard milking session very difficult for her. Then it’s clover clamps at the end (with added padlock)… the farmer did not do that yet nine years ago!! Ouch!!

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  1. Also give her a reward of pleasure for coming back to the herd? It might be forced pleasure as she is kept in place on a sybian, but it will be definitely be pleasurable for her.

  2. Back then they wore high heels. We should see that more often.

  3. Welcome Back , Jasmine !!! You look as beautiful as you did nine years ago when the GOAT MILKER first pumped your huge soft udders .

  4. spectacular body, Nice to see her again.

  5. J’adore la cloche à ton coup, tu es très belle.

  6. Please get a Tamil Indian hucow. They give a lot of milk.

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