Our new purchase: HuCow 54

Our new purchase: HuCow 54

We have purchased a very experienced and well-trained HuCow from another farm! She is so far ahead in her training, she does not even have a name anymore, she is just known as ’54’. As an older MilfCow, she has developed some really awesome traits. She does not speak anymore, her nipples are permanently big and puffy, and her udders are very supple and natural. 54 is gagged most of her days, and blindfolded too, and she is earmarked. She is also used to nipple clamps and of course, lots of milking! Let’s put her on the milking bed to test our new purchase! Those nipples are sensational!

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  1. Wow i love this set up and am a huge fan of the new machine!! love the new cow as well, welcome 54!
    hope to see katie on this set up or this machine soon!

  2. great acquisition!!!! the milking bed is perfect for her … love how her udders hang and will grow well with milking – reward her with the vibe too. “54” is a great name – you should give the other udders numbers too.

  3. I love her nipples really amazing

  4. The blindfold and head gear should have been removed so we could see 54’s facial expressions during her session. Beautiful nipples on nice udders even bigger after her time on the milking bed. A nice purchase and a wonderful addition to the HuCow.com herd.

    • Nip Trainer

      Agreed. Fantastic acquisition with well trained teats…but seeing her expressions as she’s milked would be better

  5. Awesome,the inclusion of the blindfold really makes it look like a forced milking.

  6. Guess we have a new winner here.

  7. nice boobs

  8. GirlCowBev

    Such epic teats…finally a cow with udders worth milking!! But she’s way too reactionless, mostly…but still, excellent choice and oh my fuck my own teats need that kind of pulling!! Thank you for bringing 54 to us, looking forward to more, especially with vibes to make her lose her composure….

  9. I like the tag, gag, harness and blindfold, but lets see you install those items as the cow accepts these as part
    of her milking session…

  10. GirlCowBev

    This old cow’s udders have clearly nursed a calf or three, maybe four. Wouldn’t be too hard to get her restarted.

  11. Nice! Fantastic! “54” looks absolutely stunning. I second the request regarding the blindfold and gag that obscures her face. A better solution would be the use of BLACKOUT CONTACTS or WHITEOUT CONTACTS inserted over her eyeballs that would temporarily ‘blind’ her but enable the viewing audience to see her visual features as well as her expressions of agony , pleasure and / or delight as she is teased tormented and \ or vibrated for the pleasure of others in the viewing audience. Overall an excellent start and “54” has superb NIPPLES. I recommend additional training sessions to elongate and extend her exquisite nipples and further recommend additional diverse nipple training involving the use of GREEN ELASTIC CASTRATION BANDS to be stretched and placed on her PERFECT ETECT NIPPLES. also recommend nipple bands that she can wear in the calm moments. Nice! Fantastic !

  12. I love the way this machine shows how hard it’s sucking her teats with it’s bouncing suck movement as well as watching her nipples stretching deep into the tube. Incredible. Hope to see more of both her and this machine being utilized on more of the hucow’s udders. Absolutely perfect.

  13. Thanks for a good show, I would go and get a glassblower shop to make me a pair of heavy cups, so you have the naturally weight of the cups, as well as a better look of the nipple movements inside of them, as that is really something new to see. Thanks to a nice model for participating and have fun with it as well, I hope.

  14. I really like the eartag as well, all model should have a ear or nose tag

    • Just a farmer

      Agree with you they all should have septum ring and a ear tag.

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