Darina – volume checkup

It is time for Darina’s medical checkup again! She has been milked and pumped so many times, there just HAS to be some volume progress! In the medical room, her udders and holes are inspected before she gets strapped to the hospital bed. Then Darina’s pussy is pumped very hard, startling her. With her limbs restrained, there is nothing she can do against the pumping machines on her udders and pussy. The triple pumping is very extreme, but it is necessary to measure Darina’s progress. Every HuCow needs regular checkups!

Alexis Luna on the sybian

Remember the powerful body builder we captured a while ago? Alexis definitely needs more training, but she is very reluctant. We are going to need some seriously heavy chains to keep her in place during milking sessions. The farmer lured her onto the sybian, where Alexis was milked and brought to a huge squirting orgasm, completely helpless to stop the proceedings. She definitely will need heavy restraints and a big gag for the foreseeable future. Alexis is the strongest HuCow in the herd, but even this one will be tamed in due time.

One farm to milk them all

Oh look! A fragile elf maiden took refuge inside the barn, and she fell asleep on the straw. When the farmer found her in the morning, he immediately checked for any potential. Small udders but big nipples! Ivy did not realize what was happening, but before she knew it, she was collared, nipple clamped, and handcuffed to the wall with her Elven dress pulled down to reveal her slender pale body. Wide eyed, she watched the farmer turn on a milking machine and apply the cups to her sensitive nipples. Ivy was very confused, but the farmer turned up the speed to the maximum to stretch her nipples far into the cups. After what seemed forever, the machine was finally turned off and the cups fell to the floor. It was time for clover clamps again, on those big sore nipples. Ivy tried to hide behind her dress when her hands were finally uncuffed. She is so cute! Do you think Ivy is a keeper? She would require a LOT of sessions to get settled in.

Little Lanta – sybian and red cow milker

Little Lanta is the cutest HuCow, but also the naughtiest! The farmer had her waiting in the barn, handcuffed and ready for her session, but when he left her alone for a minute, Lanta slipped her hands to the front (she’s flexible!) and started exploring the farm. She played with the controls of the sybian, and the red cow milker, and was running around handcuffed just having fun until the farmer caught her again. She was quickly collared and handcuffed behind her back again. The farmer pushed her onto the sybian, turning the vibration up immediately. Lanta needs to learn her place. It was time for a hard session with orgasm training, nipple sensitizing, the powerful red cow milker, and even nipple clamps after milking (Lanta’s worst fear). Maybe this will teach her to behave!