Alexis Luna on the sybian

Alexis Luna on the sybian

Remember the powerful body builder we captured a while ago? Alexis definitely needs more training, but she is very reluctant. We are going to need some seriously heavy chains to keep her in place during milking sessions. The farmer lured her onto the sybian, where Alexis was milked and brought to a huge squirting orgasm, completely helpless to stop the proceedings. She definitely will need heavy restraints and a big gag for the foreseeable future. Alexis is the strongest HuCow in the herd, but even this one will be tamed in due time.

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  1. Nice! Love Alexis sitting atop the sybian. Nice training session. Bring her back fir some more training. Nice!

  2. Alexis would be a good stress test for the various restraint systems. If it can hold her while she is having a powerful orgasm, it will hold any cow. Now to make sure she has multiple orgasms to properly test the restraints.

  3. matthew meuleman

    She needs a back bar restant to tame her

  4. What a lovely hucow Alexis is. She sure does enjoy the sybian even more so when it’s not in her own control. I take it from the mark around her waist she had been in chastity for a while?

    I look forward to seeing more of her training

  5. a nice long workout on the sybian will set her on her way – what wonder-full udders she has and will have as they grow

  6. It is a good thing that body builder Alexis Luna’s farmer strapped each of her legs together and gagged her before he turned up the power of the Sybian . Loved watching each of Alexis’ nipples enlarging in size within the cups of the electronic breast training machine . Hopefully Alexis will endure various milking sessions and her nipples and udders will grow in size and volume .

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