Alexis Luna – milking bed

Alexis Luna – milking bed

Our strongest HuCow is body builder Alexis Luna. She is very muscular and fit, but surprisingly submissive! She knows she should oil her udders before a session, and she will obediently do so herself. Her gleaming body looks so good! Gagged with a sturdy harness ballgag, Alexis gets nipple clamped by the farmer. Not her favorite, since her nipples are the only weak spots on her entire body. Alexis winces in pain, but she knows it is part of her training. Cuffed to the milking bed, Alexis gets her nipples quadrupled in size by the electronic breast training machine. She needs more stretch, and she needs it daily. It’s a painful process, even for a body builder HuCow. Especially when the farmer nipple clamps her AGAIN after the pumping session. It looks very extreme, but it is absolutely necessary, as you will agree.

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  1. Would like to vina’s update

  2. Alexis needs more butt pats. Love seeing her tight, muscley ass bounce.

  3. Loved watching her nipples slowly enlarging to four times their current size within the cups of the electronic breast training machine . Would like to see Alexis milked like Katarina Hartlova in HU171 – ( KATARINA – MOO ) .

  4. Nice! Love to see the female submissive models like Alexis have their nipples sucked on via some cupping action. NICE! Would love to see this site incorporate the use if green elastic castration bands stretched and placed upon enlarged nipples to heighten the sensitivity if the nipples. The effect concentrates the nerve endings to induce a sense if euphoria in the model. Nice! Bring Alexis back for more sessions. It be WIKID!

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