Lina Roselina – mini HuCow – maximum power

Lina Roselina – mini HuCow – maximum power

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The tiniest HuCow in the herd is Lina Roselina. Small body, small udders… but very promising nipples! The farmer is putting all of his attention on Lina’s teats in this session. Preparing her for the hardest pumping ever, he had her wear nipple suckers for a long time. Lina’s nipples were very sensitive and enlarged when they finally came off. She obediently oils her own udders while the farmer starts the red cow milker. It is on the highest setting. It almost sucks in Lina’s entire udders! Painful but necessary for her development, this session is a hard one, tripling her nipple size with heavy ring marks. Poor tiny Lina!

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  1. THE strong pumping of the RED COW MILKER enlarged Lina’s teats to three times their current size . Is Lina able to endure all future milking sessions to help her nipples and udders grow ?

  2. Lina is such a good cow. Is she available for customs?

  3. What a lovely Hucow Lina Roselina is. Her teats sure do look lovely after the milking session. And wow her udders do almost disappear into the red cow milker.

    She seems very obedient and well trained how she oils and then hooks herself up. She even tried to keep her hands behind her.

    She did take comfort from the bondage when it was put on her so perhaps she should be kept in bondage for milking sessions.

    I look forward to seeing more of her development and hopefully finally begin to produce

  4. Maybe th tiniest but certainly the cutest hucow in the herd! I wonder how she would respond to the sybian?

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