Manuela – standing orgasm frame

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A very hard challenge for Manuela today. Our HuCILF secretary is back in the barn for a goat milker session, but this time she is standing up straight, shackled to a milking frame. A magic wand is positioned between her legs. Manuela knows she will have big trouble to remain standing, as she is very orgasmic and her legs will tremble and shake. Not just from the magic wand, but milking gets her horny too! Especially when the farmer touches, slaps, and squeezes her big mature udders. Will she make it through the session? Watch the video to find out!

Katie – fat udders

Katie needs a milking session badly, her huge udders are so round and full! She actually likes getting milked now, but the farmer still restrains her in the milking frame, just to be safe in case the process becomes uncomfortable. We don’t want to have Katie bolting through the barn! As docile as she is, nipple suction always gets hard after a while, and it’s better to restrain your HuCows so they can’t move too much or accidentally pull off the milking cups.
Katie’s massive round udders are oiled up good before the machine is attached to her nipples. She flinches a bit, but she knows it is for her own good. The milking is relentless and Katie knows there’s nothing she can do about it. She gets gagged with a big bitgag to help her deal with the discomfort of milking. As the farmer turns up the speed, her nipples get more sore and sensitive. But Katie easily manages the entire session, she is such a good HuCow! Perfect fat udders and well trained!

Alice Maze – triple expansion test

Time for Alice’s checkup! The French HuCow has been at the farm for a while, and she has been through some harsh sessions. Let’s see if her volume tests are showing any progress. The farmer straps Alice to the bed in the medical room, before grabbing her udders to test their suppleness. It seems like there is a lot of potential in this HuCow! The electronic breast training machine is hooked up to her udders with large cups. After the farmer gets a good vacuum seal, Alice’s udders start to expand to three times their original size. It’s quite painful, but it’s necessary. Even worse for Alice, the farmer decides to volume test her pussy too. Alice looks amazing during this triple expansion test! Afterwards, she felt very sore and sensitive, but also proud that she got the farmer’s approval to stay at the farm!

Cleo – taken to the barn

Business woman Cleo just came home from a long day at the office. She can’t wait to jump into the shower! Cleo undresses quickly, revealing her incredible body and disproportionally big udders. Little does she know, the farmer has been waiting to get her into the barn for a while now, and today he finally makes his move. Before she knows it, Cleo finds herself in the barn. She is still naked, but a huge metal collar is locked onto her neck and her udders have been cuffed! What is this? She hardly dares to look up, it is all very scary.
Cleo is strapped to the frame next, so her udders can dangle free. They are so big! The farmer uses a breast training machine to stretch her udders into long pointy shapes. Cleo starts to laugh a bit, this is so ridiculous! Don’t these people know who she is? The farmer gags her to stop her cynical smiles. There’s no way he’s letting this unique HuCow go, slender with oversized udders is the rarest breed! This is Cleo’s new life now, even if she doesn’t believe it yet.