Cleo – taken to the barn

Cleo – taken to the barn

Business woman Cleo just came home from a long day at the office. She can’t wait to jump into the shower! Cleo undresses quickly, revealing her incredible body and disproportionally big udders. Little does she know, the farmer has been waiting to get her into the barn for a while now, and today he finally makes his move. Before she knows it, Cleo finds herself in the barn. She is still naked, but a huge metal collar is locked onto her neck and her udders have been cuffed! What is this? She hardly dares to look up, it is all very scary.
Cleo is strapped to the frame next, so her udders can dangle free. They are so big! The farmer uses a breast training machine to stretch her udders into long pointy shapes. Cleo starts to laugh a bit, this is so ridiculous! Don’t these people know who she is? The farmer gags her to stop her cynical smiles. There’s no way he’s letting this unique HuCow go, slender with oversized udders is the rarest breed! This is Cleo’s new life now, even if she doesn’t believe it yet.

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  1. Please more from her. These hanging udders are gorgeous and please keep the gag. Add a fucking machine or magic wand and hang her to the red cow milker

  2. Boobminiac

    she needs to be on milking bed

  3. In her next Update hopefully members will see CLEO lying on the milking bed and her farmer using the RED COW MILKER to pump her big dangling udders . Welcome to the farm , CLEO !!!

  4. What was Cleo thinking of keeping those ripe hanging udders under a business suit?

    Fantastic to see her in her natural cow environment. Suggest the red cow milker milking bed next for this big uddered cow.

  5. Welcome Cleo….beautiful udders for any pumping equipment – i would love to see her on the milking bed too,
    and the fucking machine
    wonderful, natural udders and lovely eyes

  6. Quelles belles mamelles pour cette negresse, jeune, jolie et bien soumise!!..

  7. more Cleo please.

  8. Could we get Cleo and JJ push on the goat milker.

  9. This is great- just add teat clamps to make it perfect.

  10. I would put cleo on the one bar prison while stimulating her anally to increase milk production. Probly oral training would also be a plus!

  11. I like her very much and I’d love to see more videos with her.

    By the way:
    I have an idea for a backstory for the next hucow.
    A female inspector heard rumors about what’s going on so she decided to pay the barn a surprise visit.
    But before she can investigate the matter further, she’s captured and handcuffed herself in order to be milked like the others.

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