Anc1lla – nipple stretching

Anc1lla – nipple stretching

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This mysterious lady called Anc1lla is everywhere on the internet, showing off her incredible body. Her huge natural udders are just begging to be milked. We finally convinced her to visit the farm, because we definitely wanted her in the herd! Anc1lla was a little nervous, kneeling on the cold floor, blindfolded and handcuffed. The farmer inspected her famous udders and of course they were perfect. It was time to chain this lady to the milking bed, her udders swinging freely for a long session on the goat milker. Her nipples were stretched so far into the cups! After the session, it was time for some harsh clover clamps and a padlock to keep that nice stretch. We can’t wait to have more sessions with Anc1lla and her perfect udders! If you have any suggestions for her next sessions, please comment below!

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  1. I’d recommend a full body latex catsuit with mask, only leaving her udders exposed. Then tie her tits tightly with tape. After that she would be ready for the milking. And don’t forget a HUGE ball gag to let her moooh.

  2. Hello Anc1lla… so nice to see you here. you are a perfect hucow. love her on the milking bed, udders are perfect for it

  3. Anc1lla’s huge natural udders are a sight to behold ; hanging freely through the opening of the milking bed waiting to be pumped . In a future Update maybe Anc1lla can be milked in the barn secured to the metal milking frame like Katarina Hartlova in Hu171 . The Red Cow Milker should work well to enlarge her nipples on her perfect udders. It would be nice if the wrap around Anc1lla’s forehead and eyes could be removed allowing her farmer to observe her eyes and facial expressions during future milking sessions . Welcome to the HERD Anc1lla !!!

  4. Add a pair of headphones with some recordings of cows moo-ing and women moaning in lust/pleasure, so she can doze off on the bed and listen to her future. Maybe a butt plug too?

  5. What a wonderful addition to the stable Anc1lla is. So docile and her udders and teats are very responsive. I thought her teats were hard already then the machine got turned on and they grew longer in anticipation of what was to come.

    Perfect size udders that stretch nicely indeed.

    I look forward to seeing more sessions with her

  6. Wow! Wat an awesome surprise to see the sexy Anc1lla here!
    Next time, she should be bound & ballgagged, while wearing a Nursing Bra (one with an inner ‘A’ frame).
    Makes sense Anc1lla is here, since she is Dutch & Hucows is in Netherlands :)

  7. It’s always nice when a new hucow presenting with such large cow udders is subjected to the milking bed.

    Anc1lla’s bountiful hanging udders and swollen engorged teats after her milking leave both her and us in absolutely no doubt about her natural calling as a cow to be milked regularly.

    Good cow Anc1lla

  8. Nice! Love the perky erect and stiffened nipples of ancilla. Would love to see more nipple suction and nipple stretching. Highly recommend a pair if green elastic castration bands be fitted onto her nipples to increase the sensitivity and length of her nipples during and following a cupping session with the clear plastic suction tubes. Nice!

  9. AcidPansy

    Incredible. I can’t believe how amazing this is. Love it. Beautiful content!

  10. Frank Mikkelsen

    My good, she looks like my wife when she was young and still today, there isn’t that much difference.

    Hope to see Anc1lla a lot more, here on this website, which I by the way love

    Rgds Frank (and Eva)

  11. I will sub for Anc1lla. Holy shit she is God tier, please for the love of life keep her on a short leash.

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