Lady Lyne – red cow milker

Lady Lyne – red cow milker

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Remember Lady Lyne? Click here for her previous updates! She went from secretary to HuCow, with a few sessions that already elongated her nipples, but she wasn’t moved to the barn yet. That changes today, as she is finally in her new home, naked and vulnerable. The farmer left clover clamps on her nipples for a good long time before starting this session, the marks are very deep when the clamps are taken off. Lady Lyne has very soft udders, stretchy and sensitive. This will be a problem on the red cow milker, it’s not going to be easy for her! Of course, the farmer tells her to reapply the clover clamps after the session! Painful!

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  1. robaloo

    a wonderful transformation – so glad she is in the barn – one step closer to her life as a hucow – which she has been destined to become

  2. Nice to see another Update with this beautiful doe eyed HuCow with her big soft udders being pumped by the red cow milker in the barn. The Red Cow Milker worked well to enlarge the size of Lady Lyne’s nipples.

  3. Infowars Dot Com

    This juicy slut just needs a ballgag to make it perfect.

  4. ich glaube Lady kann man jetzt weg lassen, einfach nur Kuh Lyne. Sie hat ein perfekt weiches Euter und soll dauerhaft gemolken werden

  5. Seeking local farm breeding and use. Must have cow milking ability, goat milking is not strong enough.

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