Lady Lyne – fucked and sucked

Lady Lyne – fucked and sucked

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One of the favorite setups here at the farm is the mobile milking frame, fucking machine, and goat milker (or red cow milker). This combination creates mindless HuCows every time! There is something about stimulation from getting fucked and sucked simultaneously, it releases so many HuCow hormones, the girls just go into an orgasmic state. Lady Lyne is one of our most perfect HuCows, she is now fully trained and docile, with large natural udders and a very high sex drive. She is the ideal HuCow for this milking position, so just sit back and watch this fine specimen get fucked from behind while the powerful goat milker relentlessly milks her udders. Just perfect!

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  1. Big nipples

    Looks wonderful, what an amazing update.

  2. I agree!

  3. yes. i love the fuck and suck!!! it works for me!!!!!

  4. Lady Lyne looks beautiful with her udders hanging down waiting to be fucked and milked . The goat milker worked well enlarging Lyne’s nipples and extracting a droplet of milk from her left nipple . Great Update

  5. Dutch Mountains Fotografie

    Nice big udders !

  6. Katie T Fan

    I’d love to see her get bred

  7. What a beautiful hucow Lady Lynn is. Lovely large udders and by the end of the milking they looked almost ready to produce.

    Loving to see the combination of fucking and her udders being milked and I hope to see more of this combination with her and the other hucows

  8. Include a headrest that she can rest her forehead on, a ring gag to keep her mouth open, and a dildo that she can suck on. Add a butt plug to keep all holes filled, so all she can focus on is the sensations and lose her mind to becoming a hucow.

  9. I’ve loved following this Hucows journey from big titted secretary to fat uddered cow. It seems such a natural state for her to be fucked and sucked at once. I’d recommend it daily for her.

    • Yes, and how especially lovely her pendulous udders looked as they were being groped – once you started doing that how would you ever be able to bring yourself to stop?

  10. Tolle Behandlung!
    Ich beneide diese hucow, möchte auch so behandelt werden, dann spritzt meine Milch wieder aus den Eltern!!

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