Manuela – the tower of pain

Manuela – the tower of pain

The farmer doesn’t really treat this HuCILF very gently. Whenever it’s Manuela’s turn for a session, she always gets a very harsh treatment. Maybe it’s because this older HuCow has so much experience, she is very used to udder torture. Manuela is going to be the first HuCow ever to get clamped with the extremely painful Tower of Pain, then get nipple pumped to make her nipples ultra sensitive, and THEN get clamped by the Tower of Pain AGAIN! Clamping over sensitized nipples is the farmer’s favorite thing to do, and a lot of you (members) love it too. Poor Manuela, why does she always have to be the test cow?

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  1. A little surprised Manuela’s farmer did not use a pair of nipple sensitizers before applying the clamps of the Tower of Pain the first time . Manuela is truly a strong HuCow to endure sure torture and pain . Would love to see future Updates like this one with Vina or Denise or Olga .

  2. A couple of extra twists on the power of pain, pulling harder on the teats wouldnt have hurt.
    Great job on the purplish tits farmer!

  3. Manuela’s udders are lovely and responsive and they sure look fit to burst tied like that.

    I agree with another comment that the tower of pain could of had a couple more turns especially after her pumping.

    Manuela certainly is a good hucow to test new treatments on and I look forward to seeing more experiments with her and hopefully those udders finally producing

  4. matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a hucow so mutch

  5. They need to be ungagges so we can here them complain and struggle!

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