Denise – physical examination

Denise – physical examination

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A member requested this fantasy story with Denise! She goes into the doctor’s office for her appointment, but no one is there. She calls the doctor, and he starts giving her little assignments to prepare for the examination. Denise gets told to insert a buttplug. It is very uncomfortable, and she asks if she can take it out again. Instead, the doctor orders her to get naked, and clamp her nipples and labia. Denise has to put on a blindfold and wait for the doctor to get her. The buttplug is still in her ass when she is led into another room. Denise is told to cycle as fast as she can on the home trainer, uncomfortably sitting on the buttplug. Things get worse for the exhausted Denise: a goat milker is put on her nipples as she is (again) ordered to cycle as fast as she can!! When she can’t go on anymore, Denise drops to the floor, nipples hurting, still buttplugged. This was the strangest doctor’s appointment ever!

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  1. A nice fantasy story indeed.

    Denise really seems to be coming along nicely. She seems to be accepting she is a hucow who will be regularly milked.

    Her udders look wonderful hooked up swinging free as she peddles.

    Maybe something needs to be rigged so she can drink during any future sessions on the bike or at least she should have something afterwards.

    After all a hucow needs to drink plenty to ensure she can produce.

  2. Felicitas

    Denise did very good~

  3. Still amazes me how a HuCow can put clamps on her own nipples and labia . A very tough doctor’s appointment for the exhausted Denise ; but her nipples did enlarge in size from the goat milker’s pumping .

  4. Denise is developing into such an obedient docile Hucow. Such a clever cow too to clamp her own teats like that. Hopefully she’ll come to see the buttplug as a reward for good cow behaviour. I would encourage its regular use on her.

    Clever big uddered cow Denise!

  5. the last photo is the best – exhaustion with full tits – ready for milking while sleeping on the milking bed

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