Olga – udder pump orgasm

Olga – udder pump orgasm

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Our HuCow Olga is already very far in her training: her brain associates pumping with pleasure, so she gets incredibly horny in her sessions. Chained to the wall by a metal collar, we leave Olga to play with the HuCows.com Vacuum Therapy Machine. She places the cups on her udders, and they get doubled in size almost immediately. The strong pressure turns her on! Olga can’t resist, she has to masturbate when she is pumped! With her udders in a strong vacuum, she doesn’t have to worry about the cups, she can roll around and pleasure herself. Olga reaches a powerful orgasm! That’s how all HuCows should be trained!

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  1. Nice to have another Update with OLGA seeing her udders enlarging within the cups of the Vacuum Therapy Machine. An added bonus is watching her masturbate and slowly reaching a powerful orgasm. Would enjoy an Update where OLGA is secured to the metal milking frame in the barn with the red cow milker pumping her udders and the clit pump is used to bring her to orgasm.

  2. Degraded

    Love to see an Olga update!

  3. Videos like this that show a hucow training herself and loving every minute are my absolute favorite. Olga is amazing and a real inspiration!

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