Christina Carter milked!

Christina Carter milked!

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Yes! We finally have her, the legendary Christina Carter with her huge udders is on! She was always high on our list, and often requested by members. So we are very happy, but Christina… not so much. The famous fetish queen is brought in on a leash by our farmer, gagged and collared. She is literally dragged to the milking bench. He restrains her in a very uncomfortable position so her udders are accessible and she is helpless. The farmer then oils her udders and starts squeezing and massaging, much to Christina’s dismay. How dare anyone touch her prized udders! It gets worse: she gets milked by the powerful portable goat milker. Her nipples hurt, but even though she struggles wildly, the cups do not come off. Strong suction torments her poor nipples. Lots of drooling, struggling, and moaning! Christina was exhausted and sore, she couldn’t believe we gave her the treatment!

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  1. Der_Hesse

    Wow! Christina, the wet dream of my sleepless nights come true. I really hope we’ll see more of her soon …

  2. OMG yes more of Christina Carter. She is so perfect für a hucow life, especially as a bondage expert can she handle many things and magic wands. Please get her back soon

    • Would love to see Christina riding a fucking machine while being milked. Next time…. ;)

  3. Bondage legend CHRISTINA CARTER having her udders milked is any farmer’s dream come true. What farmer would not jump at the chance of applying massage oil to her huge udders as they hang over the edge of the milking bench and then squeezing and massaging them as the portable goat milker pumps away? Maybe other bondage legends WENONA and MALLORY KNOTS in a future Update.

  4. please please please more of her!!

  5. Will she be join other activities, like MetalBondage and ChastityBabes?

  6. Ella obrart

    How do i become a hucow. Its a dream of mine

    • dear ella, telling us about your fantasies would be a start. or applying to the guys who run this website.

  7. I’m delighted you finally managed to capture Christina Carter. I’m sure that either consciously or subconsciously she has always desired to end up as a helpless hu-cow. Maybe these suppressed urges actually led to her allowing herself to be captured? Anyway she is a prize specimen and thoroughly deserves all the horrible things that will be done to her. Stripping her naked and milking her are only the start. I’m sure that broad beautiful bottom of hers could do with a few good whacks with a paddle.

  8. Look, let’s be honest: SOME hucows want milking. SOME hucows NEED milking. Some hucows HATE milking. But Christine Carter DESERVES milking! I’ve always thought that cows should receive treatment on the parts of their body they have the most pride in, the parts they’ve used to entice and manipulate men, and certainly La Carter has done that her whole life. Now she knows that those udders of hers, which she once took pride and arrogance from, are there to be punished and used and taught a lesson with Hucow treatment. It will break her arrogant ego, will teach her the proper place in life she deserves, and is a SUPERB bit of justice for this haughty beauty now transformed into a simple animal the way she was meant to be. Bravo in corralling this ultimate cow. Maybe a double session with the other ultimate Hucow Katie so Christina can see not only her fate and what will happen to her will and pride once multiple sessions have been inflicted on her big udders, but realize that now there is no escape, no reprise, and no self-denial of the simple truth: She is an animal to be USED and kept at the pleasure of her farmer and his member observers. Nothing more. NEVER again free. That should humble her even more than the pain and humiliation of her milking sessions. Thanks for bringing her to heel.

    • robaloo

      yes…she has found her proper place

    • David Wood

      Make this beast Christina the ultimate hucow display her milking to everyone everywhere never let her live this down not ever

  9. Just a name to drop for your locate and capture team to put on the list for future acquisition …Anastasia pierce.

  10. Nip Trainer

    Let’s bring her into the farm next time. Would have loved to see her on the regular equipment and given the “Hartlova” treatment.

  11. hucowlover

    Her bondage setup is so good. Want to see more hucows in this setup.

  12. PLEASE BRING HER BACK AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE!!! So many beautiful women have been on this site, none as her!!! definitely your best model so far!

  13. Falcon16

    Please bring MaseratiXXX, Maria Body, Demmi Blaze, Samantha Lily

  14. Put her in a hood, on the red milker, and whip her while she’s being milked next time. Christina is used to pain and I’m sure it will help with her milk supply

  15. David Wood

    Christina has huge tits perfect for milking her haughty attitude will vanish as you empty her breasts of their milk.Try to leave her sobbing as she realizes she is now just a cow .Strip.her of her clothes her dignity and her identity as a woman she is now just a beast with huge milk filled udders.Lets see this legend who teases men frustrates them writhe in bondage milked and milked make her beg you to stop.

  16. Oh, I love Christina Carter. Her big tits are perfect! Please, guys, next time do your best to stimulate your nipples until milk actually starts coming out of them. I personally would drink it with pleasure.

  17. Any chance you can get her back ? she is so hot, a top Hucow.

  18. I know I’m late to the party, but I just heard you actually got Christina Carter.
    I re-joined for three months after this.

  19. Wow I would love this done to me to have my nipples stretched and swell with the suction. And bound and gaged.

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