Denise – flying HuCow

Denise – flying HuCow

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Young Denise is so cute! She is still very shy to the farmer’s touch, but her cute blonde looks and large udders make her a prime member of the herd, so she gets a lot of attention. Today, the farmer will make her fly, a very uncomfortable and helpless milking position. Combined with the powerful goat milking machine, this suspension will be a hard session for Denise. But she rarely complains. Denise knows this is her life now and she will need to be milked regularly if she is going to become a prized HuCow. Getting milked in all kinds of creative positions is just a part of HuCow life!

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  1. We definitely need Katie in that position!

  2. I love seeing your girls in there tight cuffs especially Denise

  3. A great position for milking Denise’s large udders .

  4. Dildo?

  5. Denise is so pretty!

  6. She did good there, perhaps give her a pair of vibrators to keep her entertained? Add a blindfold so all she can focus on is her sensations, and watch her wiggling from pleasure and milking.

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