Denise – the red cow milker

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After her intake (which we almost forgot), Denise was moved back to the barn. She is now officially a permanent resident HuCow, which means you can come visit her, or you can request a custom video with her. This 18-year old really is trying her best to become a HuCow, although she isn’t sure yet if she can handle it. But who is sure of anything at that age? Her big natural udders are impressive already, but her nipples need daily sessions to get enlarged. So the farmer wasted no time, and put Denise on the most powerful machine: the red cow milker. Denise was trying so hard to get through this session, you can see it in her face during the video. She started trembling from exhaustion, and her nipples became ultra sensitive during the powerful milking. To make it even worse, the farmer rewarded her with clover clamps! Life as HuCow is hard. Denise is trying to belong to the herd, and so far she has not given up! She is doing so well!

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  1. Denise is very good Hucow. She came to this very recently but got very hrash(necessary) treatment. Farmer had a good thought to introduce her to red cow milker. Her udders are very good looking but I agreed she nipples need training for enlargement, the clover clamp reward on her sore nipple after milking is very good touch. This may look very cruel but it is necessary to make a very docile HuCow. If she is a permanent resident HuCow I suggest farmer should add a septum ring to her nose. Good HuCows must be rewarded with septum ring.

    • I totally agree, very cute HUCOW. Wonderful body and a lovely face. She looks like a very submissive girl. A nose-ring through her septum is a just reward. It can later be turned into a “Sabrina” nose-ring, that also goes through her nose-vings, and is welded in place with some small eye-lets. The ultimate submissive,

  2. It was good Denise ‘s farmer repositioned the cups of the red cow milker a couple of times during this milking session to enlarge her nipples.

    • It is much worse when it is taken off and put back on. But it’s sometimes necessary to check if everything is still ok.

  3. Can Denise be bred

  4. Great job so far. Just add a ballgag to her suckhole.
    Also, these juicy sluts need to be wearing nursing bras (one that have inner ‘A’ frames) to make it look even sexier & kinkier!

    • P.S.
      How about 2 hucows simultaneously sucking both teats of another hucow who is bound, ballgagged, teat clamped (B4 & after), while wearing a nursing bras (one that have inner ‘A’ frames)?!
      How awesome to look at would that be?!
      So fucking kinky!
      The hucows can be a captured nurses wearing nursing bras.

  5. Great job so far. How about this for a scene.
    3 captured nurses, all wearing nursing bras (one that have inner ‘A’ frames), bound, ballgagged, & teat clamped.
    2 are made to simultaneously suck on both teats of the other 1 (who remains gagged).
    All 3 each take turn sucking (as a 2 slut team) another nurse’s teats.
    After that, they are all re-gagged & teat clamped.
    Vibrators & dildos can be added if desired.

  6. It’s marvellous to see denise’s progresses, really sweet, to hear moan. It would be nice to see her training her nipples with weights.

  7. Does Denise have a twitter?

  8. Nip Trainer

    Poor little Denise has been moved through the three main sessions for a new Hucow: intake, goat milker, and red cow milker.

    Perhaps it is time for exercise on the treadmill with a cowbell, Hartlova-style?

  9. Denise hat ein vielversprechendes Euter, ich meine das wird nicht das Problem, aber die Zitzen müssen länger werden. Vielleicht mehr mit dem Ziegenmelker. Mir gefällt wie sie einem aus ihren dunklen Kuhaugen ansieht und alles machen lässt. Ihr Euter sollte noch kräftiger geklatscht werden vielleicht erregieren die Zitzen mehr.

  10. She looks like a small girl, she might be perfect for the “new milking stand”

  11. Montmartre

    Have you considered to let denise wear a large plug for a long time? I think, it would make her more docile. It would also be nice to see her hair cut very short.

  12. Montmartre

    I agree with hucowlover in case of Denise’s nipples, but I think, her udders should be trained as hard, at it’s possible. The experiences with my BDSM slave and hucow, I lived with for 32 years, are that hucows become more docile without being gagged. It’s lovely to her them moan, pant and cry. A good way train a hucow’s udders is to let her run on the treatmill with the goatmilker, until she is exhausted. I would make running in a pace, in which she is panting. She should beg more times being allowed to stop, because she think’s, she can’t run anymore. I would teach her, that she may never stop a training, until she is totally exhausted. Have thought about spanking her at the different trainings?

  13. Denise is my favourite. 💓❤️ More of her please. Sweet, lovely and very cute.

  14. Denise is the best

  15. Denise is great in this update!

  16. I want to become a hucow.
    Can someone please help me to become a hucow for the rest of my life.
    I am male want to become a female hucow transform me into a female.

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