Mitsuki – Sybian HuCow

Mitsuki – Sybian HuCow

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Tiny Japanese girl Mitsuki is not sure what is happening to her. How did she end up naked in a barn? The farmer gently squeezes her udders to evaluate them. Mitsuki panics a little. What is going to happen to her? There’s a strange machine next to her, and before she knows it, she is on top of it, with her legs strapped in leather belts. Mitsuki soon finds out what the machine does: it vibrates her clit at super powerful levels! It’s almost too much for her to handle. But then the farmer adds the powerful goat milker! What an introduction to the barn! After the uncomfortable milking machine makes her nipples double in size, the farmer awards Japanese HuCow Mitsuki with a high speed Sybian orgasm. She is exhausted! But secretly… somewhere in her mind… there’s a part of her that loved this session!

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  1. Nice update! Looks like a nice addition to the herd! Will we see the women built like Katie or katarina again soon? Miss them a lot, would be cool if they came back as well!

  2. Wow! Loved this, and love to see promising hucows like Mitsuki brought into the herd.

  3. Wow! Fantastic addition to the herd, can’t wait to see more from this ln the near future.
    Would love to see her on the red Milking machine

  4. Fantastic! Absolutely love this latest update. Mitsuki is fantastically gorgeous and such a beautiful Asian Lady full of kink, fetish instincts and bdsm desire. Love this scenario and just would like to say fantastic update sitting on top of a sybian love machine to induce an orgasm or two within her loins. Respectfully request that more petite and beautifully gorgeous Asian models be brought onto this site. Thanks!

  5. QUESTION — How many orgasms did MITSUKI have riding the Sybian; before the cups of the goat milker were placed over her nipples, while the milker pumped her udders and after the milker was turned off ? The goat milker doubled the size of Mitsuki’s nipples and it was something special watching her arch her back while achieving her last orgasm. This beautiful HuCow should be a welcomed addition to the HERD.

  6. I just love the way japanese girls for their natural subservant attitudes. They are polite and modest, with no will of their own. A perfect specimen of a willing HUCOW, with lovely strutting tits and nipples. Her nips will benefit with periodes of thick castration-rubbers on them. This will heighten her stimulus felt through a nice turtleneck mohair-sweather and make her hot and horny when she appears in public. Then put her on a special bike, with a dildo that is driven by the pedals, up through a hole in the bike-seat. She can ride on the brilliant bike-roads in the inner-city of a dutch town, trying to keep her composure. Of course she is wearing a schoolgirl- shirt so the dildo unhindered can do it´s mission. I bet she will redden in her face of the emberessment of her situation. When she is finished with her 5 kilometers ride, she can return to the stable for a good and hefty milking-session on the milking-stand, with the impressive red-cowmilker, while she is spanked with the cane on her cute buttocks.

  7. PS. Maybe some would not agree, but I think the lovely japaneese girl would get an even higher experience if the Sybian was fitted with 2 dildoes wriggeling around in her uterus and rectum.

  8. She should get some oral training

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