Darina – nipple sensitizing

Darina – nipple sensitizing

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Darina is one of our easiest HuCows. Nice and docile, we can do anything with her and she is ok with it. Her nipples aren’t actually that sensitive, which makes it easier for her to do longer sessions with more milking power. But we like our HuCows to be a bit more sensitive, because stimulation can improve the milk flow. Nipple clamps are manageable for Darina, even clover clamps, so the farmer introduces his newest toys today on an unsuspecting Darina: the nipple sensitizers. These cups can automatically suck the nipple in until it touches the sensitizer. Then, with another button, the farmer can choose 1 of 10 programs to stimulate and sensitize a HuCow’s nipples. This is actually a more harsh treatment than you would expect: imagine a long session of constant automatic nipple stimulation. You can see it gets a bit much, even for a tough HuCow like Darina. Especially when the farmer reapplies the nipple clamps at the end!!

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  1. Nip Trainer

    Where can I find such an interesting device?

  2. Wondered if DARINA could have achieved a nipple orgasm due to the nipple sensitizer’s stimulation if this session had run a little longer ? Darina’s eyes and facial expressions showed it was a unique experience for her.

    • Not all HuCows can do that, but these things are very effective. Current estimates are that about half of our herd could be stimulated in this way.

  3. Big nippels

    What a lovely way to make her nippels more sensitive
    But I think you need to add something to that like a magic wand so she will get more excited

  4. What are these called and where can I find them?

  5. Chuckles

    IMHO Darina is the best hucow ever. She has tried everything and never disappoints. This is arguably her most outstanding scene. I hope she’ll be back soon.

  6. ravihorse

    Darina is by far the absolute star of your entire program!!! Have many more of her on a leash..

  7. Curious

    Where can I buy the nipple sensitizer?

  8. Reaper7137

    My wife is wanting to be a hucow and we are wanting to start our own hucow farm. Would you be willing to talk with us privately about training and mentoring

  9. robaloo

    the perfect hucow!!! all should have such nipple training… would love to try them myself

  10. I have searched all over the web for these nipple sensitizers and I am not able to find them.

  11. Just imagine the scene of colling them beauties down with a nipple hugging boobcontrolbar afterwards

  12. would love to try these nipple sensitizers

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