More red cow milker for Darina

More red cow milker for Darina

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Playful Darina is so used to her sessions now, she is very excited crawling around the barn, waiting for the farmer to hook her up to the milking frame. She even gets into her milking position by herself. After her collar is locked to the frame, and her hands are cuffed behind her back, the farmer applies clover clamps to prepare her nipples for milking. It’s painful, but Darina knows it is necessary. A ballgag is strapped in, oil is applied, and the milking starts. The red cow milker is on full power and it is very strong! Darina wriggles and struggles, but she knows it is part of the HuCow life. After a while, the machine is switched off and Darina’s nipples are very sensitive and swollen. She wants to be left alone, but the farmer tells her to kneel so he can apply the clover clamps again. That’s very harsh! Darina is still a happy HuCow, even though sessions like this are not so easy!

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  1. Darina’s nipples and udders have grown in size due to the various treatment sessions she has experienced over the six years she has been a member of the HERD. This current session with the RED COW MILKER pumping her udders did enlarge the size of her teats before the clover clamps were applied to her swollen and very sensitive nipples .

  2. Together with Katie Thornton , Darina is my favourite Hucow. Would love to see them both together

    • I was thinking Darina and Denise, they are very similar.

      • A wonderful idea . Two beautiful HuCows milked side by side ; like Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice(Update- HU191) Any male farmer’s dream come true .

  3. Darina needs oral training

  4. The red cow milker and clover clamp after milking is the best combination to train a hucow. Nice to see farmer is applying after milking nipple clamp on most hucows.

  5. Darina’s nipple got fluffy after milking with red cow milker, she seems struggling with pain but farmer still applied clover clamp on her already sore nipples and pulled the chain to stretch her nipples. Farmer knows who to train hucows nipples. Darina’s training going really well.
    Also like how she followed order.

  6. After a good milking like that, give her a chance to rest on a Sybian. The key is to make the time on the Sybian proportional to her time in the milker, so she gets a bigger reward for bigger milking times

  7. Sadist Claus

    Loving how far Darina has cum…but I gotta be honest. I also miss the days of watching her sass and flip off the farmer!!

    Now that Darina is an enthusiastic star of the herd, I think the farmers need to be challenged with a stubborn spirited new addition. Someone that needs a LOT of work, skinny, tiny tiny udders, and lots of attitude. Could make her videos a series documenting the incredible (but oh so painful) quest to turn those AA’s into prize udders. Whether she wants it or not, we’ll see her come to love her new jugs.

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