Darina & Denise – milking friends

Darina & Denise – milking friends

Look at how cute these big uddered blondes are together! The farmer keeps them in separate cages, but they still hold hands even when they can’t see each other. Darina and Denise are soon taken out of the cage to play with some medium powered vacuum machines. Their nipples need to be kept in shape, so it is important to use suction every day! These cute girls love playing with the machines, and they even help each other, putting the cups on each other’s nipples, and switching machines. When their nipples have expanded enough for today, the farmer gives them both clover clamps, which they dutifully put on before getting back in their cages. Such well trained HuCows!!

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  1. robaloo

    it is great seeing them together – an udderly loving couple of hucows – wonderful udders

  2. A nice Update for these two DROP DEAD GORGEOUS HuCows playfully using the vacuum powered machines to enlarge the size of their nipples. In a future Update may DARINA & DENISE be milked like DAISY & BUTTERCUP in HU072 or CINDY DOLLAR & NICOLE VICE in HU191. Milking these two beauties side by side with the RED COW MILKER pumping their big udders is any farmer’s dream come true .

  3. One of the best ever made. With two of the sexiest Hucows. Thanks

  4. Two Sybians, so the duo can give each other a hug while the sybians are working them over? Or put them back to back, their hands clasped, so they can be milked and stimulated at the same time. Each one can hear the other’s gasps of pleasure and stimulation from the milking, and if a blindfold is put on them that is all they can focus on.

  5. i miss vina

  6. Another great update with the finest heifers in the herd. They can certainly take care of each other but I would have liked to have seen a little more interaction with the farmer too as he did in Double D assessing their udders by groping and feeling and patting their heads.

    These two must be ripe soon for oral stimulation? Would be great to see them taking that next step together – then perhaps even on to breeding in a future update.

  7. Up next for them breeding and udder enlargement

  8. Lucretia

    I only found out about “hucows” today thanks to a lovely chatfriend on an other site … although I often thought of my boobs as udders, I was not aware of anything like this … and now I am thrilled to become a hucow myself !

  9. DREAM TEAM!!!

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