Q: This website intrigues me! I never knew I had these fantasies!
A: Thank you! You are not alone! I’m trying to create more awareness for this fetish by shooting awesome content. This costs money and time, and I would immensely appreciate it if you would support the website by joining for a low monthly fee, so I can create more content and educate people about the HuCow fetish.

Q: How can I help?
A: Please join this website and be an active member by commenting on updates. Send in suggestions by email for new positions, frames, and machines. If you want to make a bigger donation to the farm, please email me. Please do not spread my content by uploading it to other websites. It is illegal and only harms the future of this website.

Q: I have joined, now where the hell is the member section?
A: Thank you for your support! Please read the download instructions here.

Q: Can I be a HuCow?
A: Yes, you can! More information can be found on the page ‘Want to be a HuCow?‘.

Q: Can I be a Farmer?
A: Yes, you can! More information can be found on the page ‘Want to be a Farmer?‘.

Q: Do you produce any content with male HuCows?
A: Yes, I have made a few videos you can find on https://www.hubulls.com.

Q: Where is the HuCows.com farm located?
A: The HuCows.com farm is in the Netherlands.

Q: Do you sell the milk?
A: Very rarely, as it is hard and expensive to ship at the right temperature.

Q: Does all this pumping really increase udder and nipple size?
A: Yes, eventually it will. Udder tissue can be changed and shaped using vacuum therapy, it’s a very old treatment. However, changes are also connected to food habits, hormone production (by stimulation and especially pregnancy), and blood flow (massages). Exercise is important too, the wrong type of exercise can even reduce udder size.

Q: Can milk be induced in HuCows who have never been pregnant?
A: Yes, it is a lot more work, but I have had small successes. Of course, a pregnancy would be the fastest way, but that is not always practical.

Q: Why does my HuCow have one bigger udder and one smaller udder?
A: Udder asymmetry is very common and affects more than half of all HuCows. Usually the differences are small, but in some HuCows (especially with larger udders) the difference can be clearly noticed. This is normal and nothing to worry about. If you don’t like asymmetry, try training one side more than the other to increase volume.

Q: How much does it cost to keep one HuCow?
A: Costs vary a lot, mainly depending on what country you live in. A HuCow does not work, so you will need to provide for everything, like food, shelter, machines, massage oil, exercise and bondage equipment. Also think about healthcare, insurance, transport, and future costs for old age and retirement. Basically the costs of hiring a live-in employee. Please make sure you can actually take care of your HuCow before getting one!

Q: What is your most powerful machine and the hardest session?
A: That depends on the individual HuCow. But the most powerful machine is the red cow milker. The hardest session is probably nipple sensitizers BEFORE the milker and nipple clamps AFTER the milker.