Jasmine James – back in the barn

Jasmine James – back in the barn

We are so excited! Look who we have recaptured after almost 9 years! It is one of our favorite HuCows ever, and part of the original herd: Jasmine James! With her famous large udders and cute red hair, she was a fan favorite ever since the launch of this website. Jasmine is now back where she belongs, and we are going to milk her hard and often! She was known for her funny reactions and her ultra sensitive nipples. Jasmine definitely needs a gag and restraints during milking as she is skittish and doesn’t really like to be touched by the farmer. One of the most famous HuCows ever is back, and she is here to stay!! All the more reason to subscribe and support this website! Do not miss this awesome return!

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  1. Nice to see the more well endowed hucows.

  2. Need to get Katie back to also would love to see Alais peach back them as a 3 being milked on Sybian would be epic

  3. Hucow Fans X

    Can you guys get Sarah Arabic and Anissa Kate? Great seeing Jasmine James back, moo!

  4. Love to see her back, she has great big tits!

  5. The passage of time has been good to red haired Jasmine James because she looks beautiful lying on the canvas milking bed with her wrists and ankles handcuffed to the bedposts and her large udders hanging downward through the bed’s opening . Love how Jasmine’s farmer used the Nipple Sensitizers before placing the cups of the Vacuum Therapy Machine over her nipples . I believe many members would agree that one of THE BEST early Updates on this WEBSITE was Jasmine and Chessie Kay being milked SIDE BY SIDE in their schoolgirl outfits . ( HU044 ) WECOME BACK Miss James !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wieviel produziert sie am Tag?

  7. Anonymous

    Jasmine James needs to go on the red cow milker. I know even just the regular cow milker was too much for her last time, but it’s been almost a decade; I think she can handle it. Even if she can’t, cuff her up to where doesn’t have a choice. Leave the gag out, though; her bratty voice is hot, especially as she slowly realizes the helplessness of her situation.

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