Emily Addams – the new machine

Emily Addams – the new machine

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The newest machine at the farm is the Electronic Vacuum Pump. It is an upgraded and more powerful version of the Electronic Breast Training Machine. Cute submissive HuCow Emily Addams is the first to try this new toy. She is chained to the wall and her only assignment is to pump her nipples with this new machine. It is quite painful, and Emily struggles to find the right settings, but she does as she is told. The farmer isn’t completely satisfied though, he thinks that Emily’s udders need training more than her nipples. So her gets her bigger cups for her entire udders, and Emily soon gets her udders tripled in size by the very powerful suction (the machine is not even close to full power yet). To distract herself from this very harsh pumping (without any oil on her skin!), Emily starts masturbating. The farmer has a better idea to distract her: oral training of course! Emily dutifully obliges. She knows her place, she is the farmer’s little HuCow pet!

The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

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  1. The new ELECTRONIC VACUUM PUMP worked well ; first stretching and enlarging each of Emily’s teats and then slowly stretching and enlarging each udder to triple their current original size . A painful session for Emily ; but many more sessions like this one will be required to give Emily teats and udders like her fellow Hucow , VINA . Members should request the BONUS oral scene

  2. She’s so cute. Do you think there’s a chance to get her into a belt or some metal in the future? I’d like to see her more severely restrained.

  3. Anton Tunyanan

    I like videos about breast sucking so I ask to be sent more of these exciting videos

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