Emily Addams – cow milker

Emily Addams – cow milker

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Young Emily Addams is developing nicely! Her udders are bigger already, and they are soooo soft and milkable! She is still a little scared, being in the barn with all the big machines, but the farmer is planning to keep her, so she will have to get used to it. Don’t worry though, Emily also gets taken to the farmer’s home for more pet training and oral service training, so she is not in the barn all of the time. Today however, she will get one of the hardest sessions of all: nipple clamps in preparation for the cow milker, followed again by nipple clamps! It is a terrible ordeal, but it is necessary to grow Emily’s nipples so she can become a true HuCow.
As a new resident, of course Emily is available for Want-To-Be-A-Farmer sessions from now on!

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  1. Nice! Emily Addams has wonderful looking breasts and dome really nice perky nipples. Highly tecommend a pair if green elastic castration bands be stretched and fitted to her perky nipples. Very nice to see Emily on this site. Would love to see some orgasmic training fir her as well while sitted on top of a sybian love machine. It induces milk to flow in her teats. Nice! ~ E

  2. She’s cute

  3. A nice breast harness supporting Emily’s developing udders . A hard milking session for Emily but she endured .

  4. We definitely need more Emily Addams!

  5. Cute hucow, nice to see farmer training their cows teats with nipple clamp before and after.

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