Cindy Dollar – compact goat milker & sybian

Cindy Dollar – compact goat milker & sybian

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The extremely powerful compact goat milker is a different kind of machine! It sucks very hard with very little release in between, so the HuCow’s teats get stretched into the cups further and further. It is a painful machine, only suitable for the more docile HuCows. Or some kind of stimulation has to be used to take their mind off the milking machine. The sybian is the best device for that of course, it’s the most powerful vibrator in the world, and it can completely brainwash a HuCow within minutes. The release of sexual hormones will increase milk production and the pain-pleasure mix will make any HuCow moo, even if they are gagged like Cindy Dollar in this hardcore session. Some milk appeared and her nipples doubled in size!

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  1. An INCREDIBLE milking session for VETERAN HuCow , CINDY DOLLAR as she rode the Sybian while the compact goat milker pumped her udders . The results speak for themselves since Cindy’s nipples doubled in size and a drop of milk appeared on each of her enlarged nipples .

  2. Milk some one with your hands like a cow

  3. Cindy Dollar really is a perfect Hucow with lovely udders that are finally beginning to produce their first drops. Lovely enlarged teats by the end of the session. Very responsive on the sybian so stimulation seems to be the way to go during her milking sessions from now on.
    I look forward to seeing more session and hopefully her production increasing with each one.

  4. I’d remarked in her previous outing how great it was to see Cindy’s nipples transformed into such large succulent cow teats.

    She must be such a proud cow that her Hucow progression is now producing drops of milk too. Such a good cow Cindy! She is a great example to others in the herd.

  5. Curious why the rotation feature is not used? I believe there is another level possible when G-Spot stimulation is added. More milking too? I would love to find out. Please turn on the green switch and adjust accordingly.

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