Cindy Dollar – huge nipples

Cindy Dollar – huge nipples

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Better sit down for this one! It is one of the best sessions you have ever seen! The farmer starts by clamping the magnificent teats of Cindy Dollar, who is a fully trained HuCow now. She has been with us for 8 years! All those years we have worked on increasing her nipple and udder size. In this session, the farmer finally finds the key to giving Cindy HUGE nipples: the fucking machine! Of course, it’s obvious when you think about it, but every HuCow is different. They all have their own needs and best ways of stimulation for hormone release. It turns out penetration is the thing that gets Cindy’s nipples going! In combination with the powerful goat milker of course. At the end of the session, her teats are so HUGE they are stuck in the cups!! To finish off this perfect session, the farmer puts the clover clamps BACK on Cindy’s enormous nipples! Very extreme, but necessary for her continued training! Don’t miss this video, it’s one of the best!

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  1. Northfarmer

    Nive, but when is Katie coming back to the barn ?

  2. WOW !!! The results of this session speak for themselves . Cindy’s nipples are now as big as Katarina Hartlova’s in Updates – Hu171 & Hu200 .

  3. such Beautifull Nip pulls 💕💕💕

  4. The smaller titted cows can be quite fun in their own way but those cows in the herd with natural large udders really are a special breed, being more naturally docile and easily trained too.

    What the milkers and the fucking machine do to the nipples of Cindy, Katarina, and Lady Lyne is something to behold.

    A close contest but I think Cindy here just shades it in the most complete transformation of her nipples to real succulent cow teats.

    Well done Cindy. Such a clever big teated cow!

  5. Georgeosflink

    Magnificient result on the teets Hucow barnmaster and Cindy!
    We need more of this!

  6. Perfect nipples for cooling of wearing a boobcontrolbar, for that extra control and even hotter l OO k

  7. Do you sell any of the machines in the video ‘s for home use? THANKS.

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