Cindy Dollar – treadmill hopping

Cindy Dollar – treadmill hopping

Tightly gagged and nipple clamped, Cindy Dollar patiently awaits for what the farmer has in store for her today. Her nipples are getting huge from all the sessions she did. He tugs her clamp chain and squeezes her udders. Soon, she finds herself on the treadmill, and the farmer hangs an extremely heavy copper bell from her nipple clamps chain! Yes, he actually did that, that is an incredible amount of weight on Cindy’s nipples. The farmer turns on the treadmill and makes Cindy run with the heavy bell on her nipples! He then straps her ankles together so she has to hop, stretching and hurting her nipples so much! Poor Cindy. But the farmer isn’t done, because these stretched nipples are going straight into the milking cups for a milking and hopping run on the treadmill. What an incredible session, this is how you make huge nipples!

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  1. Cindy is my favorite, she has a very expressive face and amazing breasts. i am happy to see her back and i would love to see more of her

  2. Elle porte une cloche au cou: j’adore..

  3. Fun idea is a dildo with a spring-weight inside so whenever it is shaken it still wiggles a little afterward. Put a chastity belt on her to keep it from coming out, and then each hop will give her a little extra

  4. CINDY DOLLAR looked Drop Dead Gorgeous while walking and hopping on the treadmill. Being a member of the Herd for over seven and a half years served Cindy well when her farmer hung the heavy copper bell from her nipple clamps chain. The electronic breast training machine worked well enlarging Cindy’s nipples.

  5. NewsWars Dot-Com

    Wow! How am I the 1st to leave a comment about this juicy slut slave after nearly 1 day?!

    Anyways, THIS is what we need more of ! Cute & juicy slut slaves, bound & gagged, with teat clamps & suction devices!
    Excellent job!

    Would love to see more of this with the slut slaves wearing nursing bras!
    It is the newest in hucow-lactation genre.

  6. hucowlover

    Nice teat training for cindy. Love farmers technique to put havey cow bell on her clamped nipple, and made her run and hop to put extra pressure on her nipples. Would like to see same thing again on after milking sore nipples of cindy.
    Cindy is very good hucow. Farmer should install a permanent septum ring on she nose.

  7. sie hat ein sehr gutes Euter, schöne Adern und die Behandlung tut ihren ausgeprägten Zitzen gut

  8. She is amazing! Gorgeous and watching those teats bounce while jogging and hopping… Absolutely stunning!

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